I'm terrible at talking about myself. So I figured I'd let my beautiful clients and friends tell you how I roll.


"If one of the most revered qualities in a photographer is their “eye,” Brendan Perry should be doubly prized, because he has two. OK, sorry, couldn't resist...For real though: Not only is Brendan is a truly talented photographer, he is an amazingly versatile person. His inherent adaptability makes him well-suited for mastering the creativity that both the fine art and the commercial photography realms require. Forget your preconception of the intractable photographer, Brendan shatters that stereotype and proves that impressive photography can be produced by an amiable human being. Furthermore, Brendan understands beauty. He grasps this intangible concept on both a surface level and on a subconscious level, and leaves you wishing that you could see the world as he does." Jessica S.T.

"Brendan Perry does a fantastic job utilizing local communities as natural backdrops for his art.  He integrates his customers into these local riches and highlights both of them beautifully.  Brendan's work ranges from intimate to startling and he's always on the cutting edge of capturing motion and unique angles in his photographs. As a past and future customer I can say that his work has landed me a number of jobs that have opened up my career as an actor.  His photography displays the precision and mastery that comes with spending years in the industry studying and honing his craft to perfection." - Erin R.